Adapting and Sustaining Services for Formerly Incarcerated Survivors During COVID-19: A Panel Discussion   [open html - 0B]

From the Webpage: "Incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people are at high risk for contracting the coronavirus and often have little or no access to reliable and consistent health care services. The health risks--coupled with the challenge of practicing social distancing in jails and prisons--have led correctional facilities around the country, particularly local jails, to accelerate releases. In many cases, however, people are returning home to the challenging, new reality of life during a global pandemic with very little access to the supportive services they might normally get during their reentry period (e.g., assistance with housing, employment, and transportation). Accessing healing services--often difficult under normal circumstances--appears to be even more challenging, as most providers have shifted to remote service provision, and not all survivors have access to reliable technology to avail themselves of remote services. This panel discussion is about the emerging and enduring needs of formerly incarcerated survivors and how some service providers are adapting their services to meet those needs."

National Resource Center for Reaching Victims
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