AI and the Workforce   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "Artificial intelligence [AI] will transform the nature of work and affect virtually all aspects of the economy. [...] An AI-driven economy will create the need to better prepare our workforce significantly. Failure to adapt to this technology will greatly hurt American competitiveness and also create significant economic hardship and pain for the average American worker. The disruption from globalization is a recent, but maybe imperfect, parallel. Globalization has benefited many, but it also displaced many workers. Better-managed globalization may have mitigated some of the public's current discontents. Preparing the workforce of the future and managing the rise of AI in an inclusive manner can help us best capture the potential of the new technology while softening the problems. The American worker can thrive in the AI-driven economy, but policymakers should help them prepare to reach their full potential."

Bipartisan Policy Center
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