Coronavirus Rapid Lesson Sharing Reports: A Summary of Coronavirus Related Lessons Extracted from 23 Rapid Lesson Sharing (RLS) Reports   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "'The Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center exists to support learning in the wildland fire service. Since March of this year we have focused our efforts on operational learning related to the coronavirus pandemic. We have seen a massive influx of lessons being shared in a variety of formats. We have watched information and practices become quickly outdated--which is both frustrating and proof that we must invest in continuous learning. With that in mind, we acknowledge that this summary is a snapshot in time. Some of the lessons presented here may prove to be ineffective as conditions change. As we publish this summary, multiple new reports have come in containing new lessons that did not make it into this document. This is the nature of the situation we face.'"

Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center
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