COVID-19 Toolkit for Rural Emergency Care Facilities in Australasia   [open pdf - 0B]

From the document: "This toolkit provides guidance specific to smaller rural care facilities. Smaller rural emergency care facilities, especially those without on-site intensive care departments, may operate differently to metropolitan EDs [emergency departments] (see Appendix A). In this toolkit, 'Rural Emergency Care Facilities' may include: [1] a Level 1 ED that provides emergency care within a designated area of a remote or rural hospital, as defined in ACEM's [Australasian College for Emergency Medicine's] Statement on the Delineation of Emergency Departments; and [2] other hospital-based facilities that provide emergency care services in a rural setting, such as small rural hospitals and urgent care centres. The principles of pandemic care are the same, but the details may need modification. This toolkit provides consensus-based advice on how to apply pandemic principles at these Rural Emergency Care Facilities."

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G766, v1.0
Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
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Australasian College for Emergency Medicine: https://acem.org.au/
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