Program Evaluation: Recruitment & Hiring Gender Disparities in Public Safety Occupations   [open html - 0B]

From the Executive Summary: "The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has the responsibility to provide guidance to federal agencies on all aspects of the Federal Government's equal opportunity program and to aid all agencies to become model employers. One step to becoming a model employer is eliminating any barriers for protected groups to employment or advancement. In keeping with that responsibility, the EEOC conducts annual program evaluations to: 1) ensure compliance with the civil rights laws, regulations, and Commission directives enforced by EEOC; 2) identify best practices employed by agencies that can be shared with other agencies; and 3) provide technical assistance and/or advice to an agency where program deficiencies are uncovered. Program evaluations are initiated through recommendations that may arrive from multiple sources including, the EEOC Chair, Commissioners, Office of Federal Operations (OFO) or Office of Field Programs (OFP) management, EEOC Administrative Judges, and OFO staff members, as well as from outside sources such as Congress, federal agencies EEO staff, other federal agency employees, and media sources. The EEOC also surveys its own employees to gather recommendations of topics for program review."

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