Jobs at Risk in Turkey: Identifying the Impact of COVID-19   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Abstract: "This paper analyzes to what extent jobs in different sectors of Turkey are vulnerable to the COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] crisis considering both effects specific to COVID-19, and sector- and employment-specific vulnerabilities. With this objective, first, we identify sectors that are most amenable to working from home. We then use this index and other dimensions of vulnerability to develop an Employment Vulnerability Index for Turkey. We find that only 10 percent of workers in Turkey can work from home. Employment vulnerability is highest among textile and apparel, accommodation and food, and leather sectors; while jobs in ICT [Information and Communications Technology] and finance are the least vulnerable. We find that overall, around 7 million workers are at the risk of losing their jobs due to the economic impacts of COVID-19."

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Social Protection & Jobs Discussion Paper No. 2004
2019 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank
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World Bank Group Open Knowledge Repository: https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/
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