Eviction Cliff Years in the Making and the Need for Comprehensive Action   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Executive Summary: "The challenges around eviction and housing affordability predate the pandemic, which means the response must also extend well beyond it to protect renters now and from ongoing housing instability going forward. While COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] is pushing tens of millions of people over the eviction cliff, the staggering lack of affordable housing, particularly for the lowest income households, has made that cliff especially high. Prior to COVID-19, nearly 90 percent of renters with income below $20,000 were housing cost burdened, as were nearly half of all renters. The pandemic has exposed and exacerbated the limitations of our affordable housing infrastructure and failures in the social safety net. In a new national poll conducted by Data for Progress, large majorities of voters across party affiliations expressed support for measures to prevent eviction, including rent forgiveness and city, state, and federal funding to compensate landlords and lenders."

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