Digital Drug Markets and the Pandemic: Early Indicators   [open pdf - 161KB]

From the Executive Summary: "In this report, we focus on illegal online drug markets. There is evidence of substantial disruption to a range of illicit supply chains from our data collections, especially to drug cryptomarkets which rely on the postal and shipping networks. This is producing conflicting impacts, causing a loss of income for many in these markets, but creating some limited opportunities for a few. Shipping delays have led to some suppliers being unable to source merchandise, with others being forced to offload supply in local markets. The knock-on effect of this (observed in markets for other illicit goods as well) is that it has provided many dealers with a credible excuse for scamming customers. Whereas previously the reputation systems used in these markets would allow customers to report non-delivery of goods, delays of up to three months above usual delivery times mean that scammers have substantial opportunities to make profits before being banned."

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COVID Briefing Paper No. 1; Coronavirus Disease Briefing Paper No. 1
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