Covid Economics Vetted and Real-Time Papers: Issue 32, 26 June 2020   [open pdf - 0B]

This June 26, 2020 edition of 'Covid Economics Vetted and Real-Time Papers' contains the following articles: "Spread of COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] and Telework: Evidence from Japan" by Toshihiro Okubo; "Were Stay-at-Home Orders During Covid-19 Harmful for Business? -- The Market's View" by Chen Chen, Sudipto Dasgupta, Thanh D. Huynh, and Ying Xia; "The Role of Corporate Culture in Bad Times: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic" by Kai Li, Xing Liu, Feng Mai and Tengfei Zhang; "Community-Level Social Capital and COVID-19 Infections and Fatality in the United States" by Francesca Borgonovi, Elodie Andrieu and S.V. Subramanian; "COVID, on-premise retail format, and product-market concentration" by Avi Goldfarb, Sampsa Samila and Brian Silverman; "Epidemics: A Tale of Two Workers" by Rahul Nath; "CULTURE: A tool for mental health resilience in COVID-19 times" by Annie Tubadji; and "Online Consumption During the COVID-19 Crisis: Evidence from Japan" by Tsutomu Watanabe and Yuki Omori.

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Covid Economics Vetted and Real-Time Papers Issue 32
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