Covid Economics Vetted and Real-Time Papers: Issue 27, 9 June 2020   [open pdf - 0B]

This June 9, 2020 edition of 'Covid Economics Vetted and Real-Time Papers' contains the following articles: "Preserving job matches during the COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic: Firm-level evidence on the role of government aid" by Morten Bennedsen, Birthe Larsen, Ian Schmutte and Daniela Scur; "Corporate Bond Liquidity During the COVID-19 Crisis" by Mahyar Kargar, Benjamin Lester, David Lindsay, Shuo Liu, Pierre-Olivier Weill and Diego Zúñiga; "The Challenge of Protecting Informal Households during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Latin America" by Matias Busso, Juanita Camacho, Julián Messina, and Guadalupe Montenegro; "Face Masks Considerably Reduce Covid-19 Cases in Germany: A synthetic control method approach" by Timo Mitze, Reinhold Kosfeld, Johannes Rode and Klaus Wälde; "The Macroeconomics of Pandemics in Developing Countries: an Application to Uganda" by Tillmann von Carnap, Ingvild Almås, Tessa Bold, Selene Ghisolfi and Justin Sandefur; and "Optimal COVID-19 quarantine and testing policies" by Facundo Piguillem and Liyan Shi.

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Covid Economics Vetted and Real-Time Papers Issue 27
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