Risks to Students in Post-COVID Higher Ed   [open pdf - 70KB]

From the Document: "Throughout the pandemic, students are facing new and potentially catastrophic risks to their academic futures. The abrupt shift to online learning is reportedly leading many students to leave school, putting them at substantial risk of not returning and leaving them unable to manage their loans. Students who did continue their programs mostly agreed there was a drop in the quality of their programs; for millions of students enrolled in hands-on training programs in health fields, cosmetology, and other vocations, online learning won't be sufficient to prepare them for jobs. For-profit colleges are using every trick in the book to aggressively recruit students into their programs, and private companies are heavily pursuing colleges of all types, hoping to lock them into their typically costly long-term contracts for recruitment and online management that may provide questionable quality for students. [...] We've compiled some of the biggest risks we see facing students over the course of the year, as the repercussions of the pandemic continue to reverberate throughout the higher education sector. Too often, it is assumed that industry interests and students' interests are aligned. In this crisis, more than ever, they diverge. If no one is watching, we are likely to see millions of students (and taxpayers) paying for a subprime education."

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