Kicking Folks Out While They're Down: How the Premature Lifting of Coronavirus Restrictions is Increasing Evictions and Worsening the Homelessness Crisis   [open pdf - 813KB]

From the Introduction and Summary: "Experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity at any time is a struggle, but during a pandemic, survival is even more fraught. More than 560,000 people experience homelessness on any given night, and at least 1.4 million utilize emergency shelters or transitional housing in the United States each year. These high numbers will certainly surge during and after the coronavirus crisis due to job losses that place those already barely keeping a roof over their heads at an even greater risk of eviction and homelessness. [...] Once the immediate threat of COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] has passed and the United States enters the long recovery period, it must earnestly strive to put 'America's health first' by explicitly recognizing that housing is health care. A health-first approach necessitates a housing-first focus dedicated to redressing the United States' decades-old housing and homelessness crises." This material was published by the Center for American Progress.

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