Beyond the Shadow Pandemic: Protecting a Generation of Girls from Gender-Based Violence Through COVID-19 to Recovery   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "Gender-based violence (GBV) had reached pandemic proportions long before COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] began to force school closures and lockdowns, push health systems to their breakpoint, and erode protective systems. Worldwide, girls were already disproportionately impacted by this rights abuse and its lifelong and life-threatening impacts. [...] Early evidence and expert projections show that COVID-19 is already and will continue to drive incidences of GBV for girls and women across the globe. Weakening of formal and informal protection mechanisms as well as disruptions to standalone gender equality programs designed to get at the root cause of GBV - gender inequality and discrimination - are predicted to contribute to increased rates of GBV. [...] The COVID-19 outbreak is being felt on a global scale, and gender-based violence prevention, mitigation, and response measures, tailored and targeted to meet the specific risks and vulnerabilities faced by girls, must be prioritized in all response and recovery efforts to address increased need."

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