Countering Stigmatization in the Context of COVID-19   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Background: "This paper was prepared by the Results Group 1 Centrality of Protection sub-group to inform the 18 June dedicated session of the OPAG [Operational Policy and Advocacy Group] on the protection implications COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019]. It is focused specifically on the issue of stigmatization as a common underlying dynamic, heightened as a result of COVID, which is creating and exacerbating risks of violence, coercion, and deliberate deprivation of vulnerable people. The aim of this paper is (1) to provide an overview of trends, key resources and actions to identify and counter stigma, and anticipate it's potential consequences, as a humanitarian system-wide effort, and (2) to inform OPAG discussion and consideration of possible actions needed to enhance IASC [Inter-Agency Standing Committee] efforts to anticipate, prevent, mitigate, and respond to COVID-19-related stigmatization and its consequences, including opportunities to strengthen and build on existing efforts. It is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis on this topic.Other protection implications of COVID-19 may also warrant future OPAG discussion and consideration, for example, (a) armed conflict and other situations of violence with respect to the protection of civilian populations and critical infrastructure (b) the deprivation of liberty, and (c) protection concerns associated with the restriction of population movements."

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