Global Forced Migration: The Political Crisis of Our Time   [open pdf - 15MB]

From the Executive Summary: "The United States can and must lead a new global effort to address the global forced migration crisis. Current trends, including the challenge of climate change, will force more people to flee their homes, be on the move, and live in displacement. As the number of those forcibly displaced continues to balloon, the need for innovative and comprehensive international responses is imperative. Under the Trump administration, the United States has responded to the forced migration crisis with fear and regressive policies. In order to mitigate global instability and regain our standing as a nation committed to principled leadership in the world, the United States must reverse course and lead the charge in securing international cooperation and new solutions for today's forced migrants. How the United States chooses to respond to these events will define the world we will live in, and the role the United States plays in it."

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