HVP COVID Report: Monoclonal Antibodies - A Hope for Fast and Safe Prevention of COVID-19, No. 6 [May 6, 2020]   [open pdf - 0B]

This is the 6th issue of the Human Vaccines Project COVID [coronavirus disease] Report titled "Monoclonal Antibodies - A Hope for Fast and Safe Prevention of COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019]" released on May 6, 2020. From the Document: "Virus-neutralizing mAbs [monoclonal antibodies] could play an important role in battling the coronavirus pandemic by bridging the gap until an effective vaccine is developed. In general, mAbs can be used therapeutically or prophylactically. Given the limited therapeutic effectiveness against various other respiratory viruses their greatest application in the current pandemic might be centered around disease prevention, in particular for critical populations. Monoclonal antibodies are derived from B-cells isolated from a human or animal that has developed effective immunity via infection (or in some cases vaccination). Using various methods, protective B-cells are cloned under an industrial process to produce a single monoclonal antibody at scale. MAbs can be delivered via various methods from intravenously to intramuscularly, and offer a rapid shortcut to immunological protection known as passive immunity."

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Human Vaccines Project COVID Report (May 6, 2020), no.6
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