COVID-19 and Policy Making: The Role of Public Engagement and Deliberation [webinar]   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Website: "This webinar, the fourth in the Nuffield Council's current series of COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019]-related webinars, will explore issues around transparency, governance, and public involvement and deliberation in the development of policy. In a statement published on 24 April, the Council set out its concerns about obscurity and lack of engagement in recent policy-making, and called on the Government to: [1] Show the public what it is doing and thinking across the range of issues of concern; [2] Set out the ethical considerations that are informing its judgements; [3] Explain how it arrived at decisions including what advice it has sought and received; [4] Invite a broad range of perspectives into the discussion, including wider cross public representation; and [5] Consult and engage other civic interests through genuinely open for a and deliberative processes such as citizens' assemblies."

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