COVID-19 Impact on the San Diego Region: Black and Hispanic Communities Hardest Hit   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "Analysis completed by the SANDAG [San Diego Association of Governments] Data Science and Analytics team finds that as the COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic shattered the San Diego regional labor market overall, the region's Black and Hispanic communities were most impacted. Blacks and Hispanics account for a significant portion of essential workers who continued to go to work, and they account for a significant portion of those who became unemployed due to the pandemic. This report aims to inform policymakers about the disproportionate impact to Black and Hispanic communities in the labor market and to help decision makers develop equity-focused relief and recovery strategies. The San Diego region is suffering from a devastating health and economic crisis due to the pandemic. During the past three months, mobility has been restricted (including our international land border crossings that normally register over 150,000 people entering from Mexico), and businesses and schools have shut down. The ensuing economic crisis will have long-lasting effects as businesses struggle to regain customers and as many businesses and consumers experience significant financial uncertainty. As of June 7, 2020, over 8,600 San Diegans have been infected with COVID-19 and 430,000 have lost their jobs."

San Diego Association of Governments
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