ELC Enhancing Detection: Missouri Testing Plan   [open pdf - 509KB]

From the Document: "The State of Missouri has a comprehensive testing strategy with multiple lines of effort, which prioritizes vulnerable populations and acknowledges private demand for diagnostic testing. The state is currently developing a plan for serological testing, but as its utility for individual citizens is still unknown, serological testing will be used for research purposes, until more information is available about potential immunity and timelines. Missouri's statewide testing strategy includes: [1] Messaging to the public, providers, laboratories, and test collection locations; [2] Prioritized testing for healthcare workers and first responders; [3] Box-in Outbreaks at State Facilities (such as those run by the Departments of Mental Health and Corrections); [4] Box-in Outbreaks at Non-State, Public Facilities (such as county jails and shelters); [5] Box-in Outbreaks at Long Term Care Facilities (LTCFs); [6] Box-in Outbreaks at Prioritized Employers (such as meatpacking plants and factories); [7] Community Testing and Prevalence Studies; [8] Sentinel Testing of Vulnerable Populations (such as LTCFs and other congregate care settings); [9] Baseline Operations of the State Public Health Laboratory; [10] Sector Security (including education and employers); [and 11] Individual Diagnostic Testing (including anticipated increased demand during cold and flu season)[.]"

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