Preventing the Next Pandemic: Zoonotic Diseases and How to Break the Chain of Transmission   [open pdf - 23MB]

From the Introduction: "This report is one of the first that specifically focuses on the environmental side of the zoonotic dimension of disease outbreaks during the COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic. It tries to fill a critical knowledge gap and provide policymakers with a better understanding of the context and nature of potential future zoonotic disease outbreaks. It examines the root causes of the COVID-19 pandemic and other 'zoonoses,' which the World Health Organization defines as human diseases or infections that are naturally transmissible from vertebrate animals to humans. The report also looks at where zoonoses come from and how we can reduce the likelihood of their occurrence. The report explores the role of animals, and in particular non-domestic animals, in emerging infectious human diseases. This is essential for our global efforts to improve our response preparedness because the frequency of spillover of pathogenic organisms jumping from animals to humans has been increasing considerably, due to the growing magnitude of our unsustainable natural resource use in today's world."

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