Discharge Planning and Community Follow-Up of Babies Born to COVID Positive/Probable Mother   [open pdf - 118KB]

From the General Principles: "[1] All babies are considered COVID [coronavirus disease] negative until COVID test results indicate a positive result. [2] COVID positive mothers and their babies should not be separated unless the baby requires admission to NICU [neonatal intensive care unit]. [3] While the goal of care is to keep mother and baby together, strategies to minimize the risk of transmission of the COVID virus from mother or other household member to the baby needs to be encouraged. [4] Isolation: [a] A COVID positive mother (or any household member) is required legally to self-isolate for a minimum of 10 days according to the Alberta Public Health Act unless there is a need for accessing healthcare. [...] [5] Breastfeeding and/or use of expressed breast milk is encouraged and supported. [6] The COVID positive mother/guardian should wear a procedure mask or cover their mouth and nose when feeding or providing direct care to the baby. [7] When not providing direct care to the baby, the COVID positive care provider or other COVID positive household member should strive to be at least 2 meters distance from the baby. [8] Public Health Nurses and Community Clinicians will work together to ensure frequent communication and assessments of mother and baby post discharge. [9] Post discharge, increased surveillance by both public health and the community clinician is recommended."

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