At-Home Diagnostic Testing for Infectious Diseases: A Tool for Accelerating COVID-19 Diagnosis and Building Pandemic Preparedness for the Future   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Background and Purpose: "Before an infectious disease outbreak of any size can be addressed and before illness can be treated, the disease itself must first be identified through diagnosis. Accordingly, diagnostic testing is a crucial step for both clinical medicine and epidemiologic investigation. Concerns about limited access to diagnostic testing have dominated much of the current response to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and highlight the need for more rapid, convenient, and equitable access to testing. With the increasing diffusion of health technology to consumers and patients, it is becoming more feasible for diagnostic testing to be placed in the hands of the patient. Such tests, when used to diagnose infectious disease and coupled with information technology, could have a transformative benefit for future pandemic response. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security conducted this study to develop an expert assessment of the promise and challenges posed by at-home infectious diagnostic technologies. A major aim of this study is to inform pandemic preparedness activities that rely on diagnostic technologies and determine how at-home approaches can integrate with and augment existing diagnostic protocols."

2020 The Johns Hopkins University
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