Tell Me How This Ends: The US Army in the Pandemic Era   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Executive Summary: "The new normal, the status quo post, was the world as it was after 9/11. The same must be said for COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019]. . .. We cannot return to the world before we understood the terms 'social distance,' 'herd immunity,' or 'flatten the curve.' [...] With these events in mind, the Army may expect momentous changes in the coming years. Initially, the Army will be called upon for its vast resources, labor, and specific rapidly deployable capabilities, as has been demonstrated during the initial wave of the pandemic. The Army will also be viewed as an income generator by providing economic support to small contractors that will support both their local economies and the larger defense industry. But the pandemic's long-term effect on the world economy will be devastating and possibly catastrophic. The next administration will face the challenge of using military resources to support communities while reducing defense budgets. [...] Reducing the Army budget is, and always has been, quicker, easier, and less visibly economically damaging than cutting the budgets of the other services. This is because cuts to the other services' budgets means cancelling large multiyear contracts that employ thousands of workers while reducing the Army budget inevitably means reducing manpower. This study examines the Army's necessary steps over the next two years."

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