Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate: S. 2693, READI Act   [open pdf - 64KB]

This is the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Cost Estimate as ordered reported by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on November 13, 2019. From the Document: "S. 2693 would require the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in consultation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to adopt regulations to: [1] Ensure subscribers to commercial mobile services receive emergency alerts from FEMA, [2] Require State Emergency Communication Committees (SECCs) to review and update their Emergency Alert System (EAS) plans each year and submit those plans to the FCC for approval, [3] Establish a system to collect false alert reports under the EAS or Wireless Emergency Alert System, and [4] Modify the EAS to allow repeating messages from the President or FEMA while an emergency persists. [...] CBO assumes that S. 2693 will be enacted in fiscal year 2020. Using information from the affected agencies, CBO estimates that it would cost the FCC $2 million over the 2020-2025 period to implement the bill."

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