Migration and Border Health Considerations for Health Screening for COVID-19 at Points of Entry   [open pdf - 548KB]

From the Introduction: "This document is meant to assist Ministries of Health and their point-of-entry (POE) partners in determining whether and how to conduct traveler screening at POE for coronavirus (COVID- 19). The objective of screening is to reduce the international spread of communicable disease by detecting departing travelers who are sick or who have been exposed to the disease and preventing them from leaving the country they are in (exit screening) or by detecting them upon arrival and directing them to appropriate care and follow up, as needed (entry screening). Public health screening occurs in two stages: (1) Primary screening, which includes observing travelers for obvious signs of illness, measuring temperature, and collecting information on travel and exposure history; and (2) secondary screening, which includes having a healthcare or public health professional (whenever possible) conduct an additional public health assessment of ill or potentially exposed travelers identified through the primary screening process. In addition to detecting ill travelers, public health screening at POE provides an excellent opportunity for countries to educate travelers about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, how to protect themselves and their families from infection, and what to do if they become ill."

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