Policies to Help Communities Recover: Economic Uncertainty   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "Communities and local governments across the country face a period of extreme uncertainty. Whether or not COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] is quickly contained, changes in consumer demand, supply chain structure, business practices, and regulation will reshape some of the economic life that makes cities what they are. The prospect of rapid, unplanned change is daunting, and many of the potential changes are unwelcome, but cities can make the best of this evolving situation by providing flexibility for residents and businesses to experiment, adjust, and find new patterns of specialization and trade that can be sustainable in the postcoronavirus world. In the best-case scenario, a rapidly deployed vaccine will remove the immediate public health threat of COVID-19, and preexisting patterns of economic activity will resume along familiar lines. Other, less optimistic possibilities abound, though. Two companion papers specifically address possible changes in housing needs and commuting patterns. This policy brief is more general and, unlike the two companion papers, assumes that some previously profitable economic arrangements will become, perhaps drastically, less common, and that others--some of them new and unforeseen--will gain prevalence."

Mercatus Center at George Mason University
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Listed on July 15, 2020 [Critical Releases]