Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services: Customer Satisfaction Survey - E-Verify, Final Report, October 15, 2010   [open pdf - 977KB]

"This report focuses on the customer satisfaction of companies currently enrolled in the E-Verify program. The Customer Satisfaction Index for E-Verify is 82. This is a positive result, especially when compared to benchmarks such as the latest federal government satisfaction index, which is 69. Even more so when considering that many of the users signed up not voluntarily, but because of a requirement from local, state or federal government or a parent company. In addition to rating overall satisfaction with E-Verify, users evaluated different areas of performance involving E-Verify depending on whether that particular area applied to the user. Using E-Verify is one of the highest rated areas and has the most impact on customers' satisfaction with E-Verify. Users rated the initial response as being quite fast and submitting I-9 information being easy. Next steps were fairly clear in the response and navigating the website was relatively easy. Three-fourths of the respondents enrolled their organization with E-Verify and the registration process received a solid score in the low 80's. Users thought the speed of receiving their User Name, Password and E-Verify Web Address was good as well as the ease of submitting registration information. The Tutorial also received mostly positive ratings, in particular for taking the online training in terms of understanding the content as well as the ease of accessing online resources. The online tutorial was rated lower for the amount of time required to complete the online training."

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