Policing a Pandemic: The Challenges of Maintaining Law and Order During the Coronavirus Response   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "The impact of the coronavirus crisis on crime and law and order will be profound but likely short term. The consequences of extremely high 'surge' demand on the health service alongside drastic government induced measures will shake up all social norms, resulting in a significant shock to the economy and high levels of disruption combined with pressure on families and local communities. This will increase demands on the already overstretched police and other emergency services. These new pressures should, however, be offset by a reduction in demand for some traditional policing functions, for example through the withdrawal of government support for mass gatherings and possibly 'lockdowns', allowing police resources to be diverted to respond to the crisis and support the health service. Additional support from the third sector and military will inevitably be used as the pandemic reaches its peak in the UK. Inter-agency collaboration will be vitally important if the crisis is to be responded to effectively."

2020 Policy Exchange
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