Extended: A Review of the Current and Proposed Duration of 'Pandemic' Unemployment Benefits   [open pdf - 7MB]

From the Executive Summary: "During the Great Recession, laid-off workers in high-unemployment states were eligible to receive an additional 73 weeks of federally financed benefits. To date, the federal extended benefits response to the coronavirus crisis offers up to an additional 33 weeks of federal benefits, with 13 weeks coming from the newly created Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program and with 20 weeks coming from the permanent Extended Benefits program, now fully financed by federal funds. [...] Recent legislative proposals from leading congressional Democrats contemplate offering unemployed individuals up to 117 weeks or more of benefit eligibility. They would also extend and amend the current $600 per week federal supplement or create a proxy of such supplements as a matter of permanent law. If adopted, such proposals would result in a permanently larger UI [unemployment insurance] system, under which many more individuals would collect significantly larger benefits for far longer than in the past. In some cases, unemployment checks would exceed paychecks--not on an emergency basis as they do now, but as a matter of permanent federal law."

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