Regulatory Quality and COVID-19: Managing the Risks and Supporting the Recovery   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "Resolving the health crisis and the ensuing economic and social predicament involves regulatory decisions at nearly every stage and in nearly every area. Regulation affects the availability of tools and products to identify and fight the disease (tests, products and devices). Regulation frames the ability of public utilities to maintain critical services, of food to be produced and delivered, of essential services to continue functioning - even in a lockdown situation, where much of both the private and the public sector no longer function normally. The current situation makes the need for trusted, evidence-based, internationally co-ordinated and well-enforced regulation particularly acute. Without it, potential consequences include the collapse of healthcare facilities. Beyond the immediate crisis response, regulatory issues are also at the heart of economic and social recovery, as well as better preparedness for future crises."

2020 OECD
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