COVID-19 Pandemic and Response on Violent Extremist Recruitment and Radicalisation   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Summary: "This rapid evidence review provides evidence on the potential impacts of the COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic and response on violent extremist recruitment and radicalisation. [...] The report is structured in four main sections, section two provides an overview of literature on the drivers of radicalisation identified in the literature. To understand how COVID-19 may impact on radicalisation and violent extremist recruitment it is important to explore how the pandemic may intersect and potentially exacerbate existing drivers. Section three explores emerging narratives regarding violent extremism during the pandemic response, this section draws heavily on opinion pieces and journalistic commentary. Section three should be considered emblematic of some of the ways, as yet poorly understood, that COVID-19 may influence radicalisation and violent extremist recruitment. The final section seeks to reflect more broadly on how the pandemic may impact over short, medium and long term time frames. It is clear that such impacts will be mediated by local context and how the pandemic unfolds (particularly its severity). Given the rapidly evolving nature of the crisis and uncertainty about its development, this report should be considered a discussion piece and treated accordingly."

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K4D Helpdesk Report 808; Knowledge, Evidence and Learning for Development Helpdesk Report 808
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