Report 23: State-Level Tracking of COVID-19 in the United States   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the Summary: "As of 20 May 2020, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 91,664 confirmed or probable COVID19 [coronavirus disease 2019]-related deaths, more than twice the number of deaths reported in the next most severely impacted country. [...] Our estimates suggest that the epidemic is not under control in much of the US: as of 17 May 2020, the reproduction number is above the critical threshold (1.0) in 24 [95% CI: 20-30] states. [...] We predict that increased mobility following relaxation of social distancing will lead to resurgence of transmission, keeping all else constant. We predict that deaths over the next two-month period could exceed current cumulative deaths by greater than two-fold, 'if' the relationship between mobility and transmission remains unchanged. Our results suggest that factors modulating transmission such as rapid testing, contact tracing and behavioural precautions are crucial to offset the rise of transmission associated with loosening of social distancing. Overall, we show that while all US states have substantially reduced their reproduction numbers, we find no evidence that any state is approaching herd immunity or that its epidemic is close to over."

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Report No. 23
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