Analysis of the New Jersey Civil Defense and Disaster Control Act Through a Modern Emergency Management Frame   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The laws and directives in the state of New Jersey governing emergency management must ensure a defined, understood, and achievable mission, and clearly delineate responsibilities at each level of government. This thesis addresses how emergency management in New Jersey can be modified based on a comprehensive analysis of the New Jersey Civil Defense and Disaster Control Act of 1942 and the corresponding New Jersey Office of Emergency Management directives. Each statute of the act and each directive was analyzed against five criteria and then placed in one of three categories: no change, modification needed, or repeal. Emergency management professionals in the state were then asked questions regarding the act, the content of the analysis, and the categorization of the statutes. The data collected from these professionals was used to make changes, or to alter the final categorization. This iterative process resulted in a more thorough analysis. This research makes four main recommendations: improve training for emergency managers in the state, codify modifications of the act in legislation, take a holistic approach to improvements for emergency operations plan development and compliance, and modify residency restrictions on municipal emergency management coordinators. The goal of this thesis is to provide the least complex rules and regulations for emergency managers, so that they can do their job with a better sense of responsibilities to the community served."

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