Voters Strongly Support the Essential Workers Bill of Rights   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Executive Summary: "While office workers are figuring out Zoom calls and creating improvised desks, essential workers, defined as those performing work that may involve the safety of human life or the protection of property, are continuing to show up at their workplaces in order to keep grocery stores, hospitals, and other important services running. Many of these workers receive low wages and are offered few protections by their employers. They are unable to stay home for fear of losing their jobs, and are at increased risk of contracting coronavirus due to face-to-face interactions and frequent inability to social distance. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Congressman Ro Khanna of California have proposed an 'Essential Workers Bill Of Rights' designed to protect these workers by extending protections like paid sick leave, pay increases, free access to personal protective equipment like masks and gloves, and family and medical leave. They've called for this to be included in the fourth stimulus package to pass Congress, which many lawmakers have widely acknowledged as a necessary step. In our April 2020 survey, we find strong support for this Bill of Rights, with a total of 75 percent of voters in support. Support is marginally lower among Republicans, but still extremely strong at 73 percent. This is a remarkable level of non-partisan unity. Voters seem very on board with extending protections to this important class of employees as a centralized government measure, rather than waiting for individual employers to do so."

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