Coronavirus Testing, Tracing, and Targeted Containment: Steps to Reopen the Country   [open pdf - 131KB]

From the Document: "Everyone wants to know when we'll be safe from COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019]. The answer is we're probably in for a long fight. [...] A critical element going forward is the ability to bring accessible, dependable and affordable testing to people who have symptoms or are at risk of contracting the disease. That doesn't mean we need to screen everyone all the time. But for those who are symptomatic or were exposed to the illness--or for those people who work in professions or live in communities where there's a higher chance for spread--we need to make sure that testing is available. We've largely relied on a technology called polymerase chain reaction (PCR), where swabs are used to collect samples, which are then scoured for the virus's genetic material. This RNA [Ribonucleic acid] is then amplified and analyzed to reveal the presence of active virus. But the whole process takes time, and results may not be available for at least a day. [...] New technologies are becoming available that will expand testing so that it will be accessible whether you're a large employer, a patient in a community setting or a college student returning to campus."

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