Report on the NSA's Call Detail Records Program Under USA Freedom Act   [open pdf - 269KB]

From the Background: "The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (Board) has issued its oversight report on the government's operation of the call detail records (CDR) program under the USA Freedom Act. The NSA [National Security Agency] suspended its use of this program in early 2019 'after balancing the program's relative intelligence value, associated costs, and compliance and data-integrity concerns caused by the unique complexities of using these provider-generated business records for intelligence purposes.' After suspending the program, NSA ultimately deleted the CDRs collected under the Act, with the exception of data referenced in disseminated Intelligence reports or used for mission-management purposes. The Board completed this comprehensive review to provide transparency and clarity for the public. The Board secured the declassification of several important, never previously disclosed facts about the program. This additional information should enhance the public's understanding of the government's implementation of the CDR program."

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