Protecting Students & Taxpayers in the Federal Higher Ed Response to COVID-19   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "As in nearly every other sector of our economy and corner of American life, the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on our nation's higher education system. The pandemic has shut down the campuses of colleges across the country--forcing millions of students into virtual classrooms and creating serious financial distress for thousands of institutions. There is no doubt Congress must act to stabilize this industry so that students can continue to access a robust postsecondary education system in the coming school year--as well as the decades that follow. This is especially crucial as the country faces the prospect of an economic recession, and the possibility that millions of American workers could head back to school in the face of job scarcities. [...] Now more than ever, students and taxpayers need assurances that federally funded institutions of higher education will provide a return on their investment and not leave them in a lurch. This memo outlines six ways in which policymakers should uphold minimum standards of oversight in higher education during the recovery process."

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