Violence and the Pandemic: Urgent Questions for Research   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "The COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic is the deepest global crisis yet in the 21st century. Its effects radiate into every aspect of life. In this 'HFG [Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation] Research and Policy in Brief', we address the implications of the pandemic for a problem of signal importance: violence. [...] So what exactly is happening as the pandemic unfolds to specific forms of violence, from civil wars, terrorism, and social unrest to gang homicides, child abuse, and bullying? What violence-fuelling mechanisms are triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic? How much variation is there globally in violent responses to the crisis? Will violence trends change direction as the crisis persists? What interventions can governments deliver to mitigate violence-promoting influences of the crisis, and how effective should we expect them to be? And what will happen to violence when the constraints on daily life are relaxed and economies return to--or at least toward--normal? Violence researchers across the world are uniquely equipped to formulate and provide timely answers to these and other urgent questions. High-quality research, grounded in theory and rigorous in methodology, on how the COVID-19 emergency affects violence, what we can learn from drops in violence, and how to counter increased violence can inform policy, practice, and action, as the pandemic continues to unfurl and as the globe grapples with its long-lasting aftermath."

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