Opportunity to Build Legitimacy and Trust in Public Institutions in the Time of COVID-19   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "'Legitimacy in the time of COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] can be understood as the ability of leaders to win compliance with new public health orders because people share a widespread belief that everyone is complying. This perspective--building on the logic of game theory, which can help explain strategic interactions among large numbers of people in a society or polity--yields a powerful insight: that governments in developing countries, as the first line of defense against a life-threatening disease, have received a windfall of legitimacy. On the one hand, this legitimacy windfall can be wasted--or worse, used to intensify divisive politics, grab power, and install government at the commanding heights of the economy and society, even after the pandemic recedes. On the other hand, for reform leaders and international development partners that are motivated to improve governance for economic development, the crisis presents opportunities to build trust in public institutions.'"

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Research & Policy Briefs From the World Bank Malaysia Hub No. 32
World Bank Group
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