FEMA Advisory: Coronavirus Pandemic: Whole-Of-America Response (May 15, 2020)   [open pdf - 83KB]

From the Document: "Attached you will find today's Daily Briefing Points for the Whole-of-America response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These briefing points include Topline Messages, as well as information By the Numbers; Supply Chain Task Force; FEMA and Department of Health and Human Services Response; and Guidance from Federal Agencies. Topline messaging includes: [1] On May 14, President Trump announced continued efforts to ensure a fully stocked, resilient national stockpile and the strong domestic industrial base needed to confront COVID-19. [...2] As of May 14, FEMA, HHS [U.S. Department of Health and Human Services], and the private sector combined have coordinated the delivery of or are currently shipping: 92.7 million N95 respirators, 133.7 million surgical masks, 10.5 million face shields, 22.5 million surgical gowns, and 989 million gloves. [3] FEMA has procured and delivered 4.1 million swabs and 2.3 million media so far in the month of May. [...4] As of May 14, CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], state, and local public health labs and other laboratories have tested more than 9.5 million samples."

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