Contact Tracing and the Fight Against Covid-19: How Digital Tools Can Help   [open html - 0B]

From the Background: "Contact tracing (CT) is a monitoring process that is a central public-health response to infectious-disease outbreaks. As the WHO [World Health Organization] explains, it can be broken down into three basic steps: 1. Identifying someone who has a disease; 2. Listing all those who have come into contact with the person; 3. Monitoring and following up with those people. Such measures were put in place during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and during the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus in 2015. It can be an effective tool, but there are practical, resource-based constraints (see The European Centre for Disease Prevention Control outline of resource estimations needed for such processes). However, technology is now also being used, with digital and automated tracing taking place in countries around the world. This is potentially crucial to reducing the size of outbreaks. If effectively deployed, tech-assisted CT could be part of a broader strategy for loosening social-distancing and lockdown measures over the longer-term."

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