COVID-19: Crisis Management Structures   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "[1] Lead from the front - demonstrate active and visible leadership. Political authority will be more important than ever given the complexity and global scale of the Covid [coronavirus disease 2019] crisis. [2] Assign one focal person to coordinate whole-of-government crisis response efforts with delegated authority from the head of state. This goes beyond the Ministry of Health-led EOC [emergency operations center]. [3] Utilise emergency powers to facilitate rapid operationalisation of policy adjustments as the national health and economic crisis warrants. [4] Establish a forward-looking whole-of-government crisis-management structure that evolves as the nature of the pandemic and its social and economic consequences evolve. Staff the crisis management structure with the right people and right skills, with a focus on data collection and analysis, coordination and rapid decision-making. [5] Institutionalise technology-enhanced data collection, analysis and reporting capability and infrastructure for real-time decision-making. [6] Establish and stick to a battle rhythm to coordinate and command the crisis response efforts. Heads of state should receive updates on a daily basis at least. [7] Communicate frequently and regularly to mobilise the public behind the response efforts, and ensure consistent messaging across all communities."

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