Reopening RI: Charting the Course [presentation]   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Challenge: "This is an unprecedented situation. We're facing a public health crisis with devastating economic consequences. We're weathering the storm. We've hunkered down to save lives and to give ourselves time to prepare. While we've maintained economic activity through the crisis and closed fewer sectors than neighboring states, the economic toll has still been enormous. We're better prepared. Many significant challenges for public health and economic health remain. The good news is we have now had time to prepare our hospital system, ramp up our testing abilities, and we're making plans to adapt. Guided by the latest science and a data-driven approach. Our understanding of the virus continues to evolve, and we are also able to learn from the experiences of those around us while gathering the latest data on the effects of the virus in Rhode Island. Reopening RI safely is our top priority. The economy won't reopen with the flick of a switch. To begin reopening safely, we must use a targeted approach based on facts."

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