Supporting Families of Healthcare Workers Exposed to COVID-19   [open pdf - 248KB]

From the Document: "U.S. healthcare workers, including clinicians as well as custodial, laboratory, food services, transport, and other hospital staff, are on the front lines of caring for the surge of COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] patients across the country. Contact with COVID-19 patients, media reports questioning the availability of personal protective equipment, and news stories of healthcare workers becoming ill with COVID-19, understandably increase concerns of healthcare workers about contracting the virus or spreading it among family members. This may be especially true when members of the family have preexisting or compromising medical conditions. Children who do not understand what is happening may become frightened and need greater reassurance from parents. Whether due to long work hours or infection control precautions, healthcare workers may be separated from their families, which can add to family distress due to physical separations or infrequent communication. Below are several strategies to help families."

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