Responding to COVID-19: Guidance for Humanitarian Agencies   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Background: "This Rapid Learning Review is a tailored guidance document for developing a health response to the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in humanitarian settings. It is intended for humanitarian operational decision-makers and senior leaders responsible for developing and supporting their organisations' response to COVID-19, and aims to rapidly assist frontline staff working on international, national and local humanitarian responses to the pandemic. [...] The paper offers key actions, insights and ideas for humanitarian actors to consider in their COVID-19 responses. While this paper draws significantly on the extensive health guidance provided by the World Health Organization, its target audience is primarily humanitarian actors, not governments or ministries of health. The guidance outlined in this paper applies to situations in which humanitarian responders are working alongside and with official government health system actors, and those in which humanitarians may be the principal coordinators and implementers of COVID-19 response. This includes individuals working for international humanitarian agencies; however, given how much the operational response to COVID-19 will necessarily rely on national and local actors, an important audience for this paper are the humanitarian decision-makers in national and local organisations preparing to support community-led efforts."

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