Rapid Audit of Contact Tracing for Covid-19 in New Zealand   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Executive Summary: "The capacity of the 12 Public Health Units (PHUs) in New Zealand is the primary factor limiting New Zealand's ability to scale up its case management and contact tracing response to Covid-19. [...] The NCCS [National close contact service] was established in the Ministry of Health, together with a technology solution (NCTS), to perform contact tracing at times of high demand for PHUs. It is a scalable initiative underpinned by high quality technology. It is currently used by PHUs in a narrow set of circumstances. With better triage of referrals and protocols this could be expanded further. There are also difficulties in finding contacts that need to continue to be addressed. [...] At the present time the only centrally visible performance indicators relate to the completion of tracing for contacts referred to the NCCS. However this does not capture the upstream events that impact the timeliness of contact tracing, like case referal processes and testing times. Nor does it capture contact tracing activity in PHUs. Measuring performance indicators to drive improvement is an urgent priority. This report proposes a set of indicators for this purpose."

University of Otago
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