Algorithm for Contact Tracing for Suspected Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Cases on Conveyances to CARPHA Member States [infographic]   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "Contact tracing efforts should focus on: [1] passengers seated two seats in all directions around the index case AND [2] crew members serving the section of the aircraft where the index case was seated AND [3] persons who had close contact with the index case e.g. travel companions or persons providing care. If severity of symptoms, secretions, diarrhoea, other symptoms, or movement of the case warrant more extensive contact tracing, larger portions of the aircraft or the entire section of the aircraft can be subject to contact tracing. This also applies if, during contact tracing, a secondary case is identified. If a crew member is the index case, all passengers seated in the area served by the crew member during the flight should be regarded as contacts, as should the other members of the crew."

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