COVID-19: What to Expect During Quarantine or Isolation   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "It's normal to experience some anxiety and worry if you or a family member has been quarantined or isolated. Concern may center around a range of issues, including fears of developing the virus or disease, how time off from work may impact your job or finances or how to find care for children or others in your care. You may also fear resentment from friends, family or coworkers who are concerned about their own exposure. In addition, the challenge of securing basic items, such as groceries and personal care items, may produce anxiety. Other emotional reactions to quarantine and isolation can include: [1] Uncertainty and frustration about how long the quarantine will last; [2] Loneliness or resentment associated with feeling cut off from the world; [3] Anger if you think you were exposed to the disease because of patient negligence, limited personal protective equipment or delayed or inadequate department protocols; [4] Boredom and restlessness caused by the inability to work or engage in regular, day-to-day activities; [5] A sense of helplessness, confusion or ambivalence about the situation."

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