Returning to Work During the Pandemic: Testing, Surveillance, Apps and Data as Our near Term Future   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "The early signs are that the national cabinet's social distancing measures, and the Australian people's compliance with them, are slowing the rate of growth of Covid-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] infections. Plenty of voices are already speculating about various restrictions being lifted, if not in quite as uninformed a way as President Trump. It's tempting to feel that we've succeeded so we can all relax now, but I don't think anyone looking at the world, listening to those with real knowledge and examining the evidence thinks that's possible. As our premiers, our Chief Medical Officer, international experts and Australia's own Norman Swan tell us, we're nowhere near ending this pandemic in Australia. We won't be unless one of two things happens: we get a vaccine that's effective and widely available faster than even the best case accelerated development says is possible (still some 12-18 months away), or we suppress Covid-19 inside Australia's borders and keep those borders sealed biologically against the virus."

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