Handbook for Management of Public Health Events on Board Ships   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Executive Summary: "With the adoption of the International Health Regulations (IHR) by the World Health Assembly in May 2005, States Parties agreed to develop, strengthen and maintain public health core capacities related to surveillance and response at designated points of entry (PoE) as specified in IHR Annex 1. Furthermore, States Parties agreed to establish and maintain public health emergency contingency plans at PoE to prevent the spread of diseases internationally. IHR assigns the World Health Organization (WHO) the responsibility to publish, in consultation with States Parties, guidelines on the development of public health response capacities. To assist States Parties in contingency planning and implementation of health measures on board ships or in ports, WHO developed a generic guidance addressing all public health risks and related rules and regulations. According to IHR, competent authorities at ports are responsible for responding to events that pose a risk to public health. These events are identified through notifications by ships or other competent authorities, during a ship inspection or even through other informal routes such as media reports. Events may be caused by biological, chemical or radiological agents. Event management involves event identification, verification, risk assessment and response."

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